Nederlandse Vereniging voor Klinische Chemie en Laboratoriumgeneeskunde
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Training programme and registration

Dutch candidates
To become a registered clinical chemist in the Netherlands, candidates need a masters degree in (bio-)chemistry, biology, pharmacy, medicine or health sciences, postdoc research experience in a field related to clinical chemistry, which may include a phd-thesis, is highly recommendable. Candidates who meet these qualifications can apply to one of the officially recognised training laboratories for a position as a trainee (see also the vacancy page). The training scheme needs approval of the Registration Committee. The Commitee can impose additional conditions such as an obligation to publish scientific papers. The training lasts 4 years and includes two examinatons as well as a management course and a course in quality management. The training process is monitored by visitation.
When the candidate meets all requirements the Committee will proceed to registration. Renewal of registration is required every five years. For this re-registration procedure professional practice of 16 hours average per week over 5 years and a minimum of 200 CPD credits within 5 years is required.
Once registered in the Netherlands the candidate will be automatically admitted into the European Register.

Foreign candidates
Before applying, foreign candidates need assessment of degrees and qualifications; information on this subject is provided by NUFFIC. Medical degrees and qualifications require a special assessment procedure, reserved to the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.

Foreign trained clinical chemists or biochemists who want to qualify for registration in the Netherlands, can submit a request to the Registration Committee accompanied by an extensive CV and curriculum/training programme. The Committee may require additional training.
European registration does not automatically imply registration in the Netherlands.

All foreign candidates have to proof a working knowledge of Dutch language.

Further information can be obtained at the NVKC office.