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Project 49 Microchip capillary electrophoresis for point-of-care analysis of lithium
Onderzoekslijn Lab-on-a-Chip
Omschrijving Background: Microchip capillary electrophoresis (CE) is a
promising method for chemical analysis of complex fluid
mixture, like whole blood. We evaluated the method for
point-of-care testing of lithium.
Methods: Chemical separation is performed on glass
microchip CE devices with a conductivity detector. New
disposable sampling cups that are used to collect whole blood
from a finger stick require less than 10 μl. The cups contain
an integrated filter membrane, which prevents the injection
of blood cells into the microchip. The interfacing of the
sampling technique with microchip CE allowed us to verify a
new measurement protocol without any additional sample
pre-treatment off-chip.
Results: Potassium, sodium, lithium, magnesium and calcium
are separated in serum in less than 20 seconds. Clinical
concentrations are determind with a detection limit of 0.15
mmol/L for lithium.
Conclusions: The new microchip CE system provides a
convenient method for transfering sample to the chip and
demostrates first successful lithium measurement in the
clinical relevant concentration range. The use of a microchip
separation method offers a fast and versatile platform for the
determination of whole blood consitutes.
Projectleider Prof.dr. I.(Istvan) Vermes
Instituut Medlon BV Enschede
Trefwoorden capillary electrophoresis, ISE, point-of-care
Status Lopend
Periode 1-2002 - 1-2007
Partners A. van den Berg, University of Twente
Medewerkers E.X. Vrouwe
R. Luttge
Dr. Kölling, psychiater MST
Financiering 2e Geldstroom - ZON, NWO

Technologiestichting STW