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Project 47 Novel Methods for analysis of apoptosis on chip
Onderzoekslijn Lab-on-a-Chip
Omschrijving Apoptosis is a physiological active bioenergy-saving cell elimination mechanism by which aged, unwanted or sublethal damaged cells are abolished and their contents are reutilised by macrophages or by phagocytosing adjacent cells. Suppression or enhancement of apoptosis is known to cause or contribute to many diseases such as cancer diabetes, Alzheimer, etc, and study and knowledge of the apoptotic process is thus of extreme importance for understanding these diseases and development and testing of new drugs. Apoptosis is a very complex biological process to study, and at present there is a large number of different apoptosis?related kits and techniques that are developed and used for apoptosis detection and quantification. However, all of these techniques have a number of limitations, the most important of which is that cells must be stained, fixed or destroyed for analysis, meaning that intact cells cannot be analysed today. Hence, there is a real need for simple chip technology to study apoptosis in real time on viable single cell level with high-throughput, that will provide valuable additional and complementary information to existing tests. In this project we will utilize micro and nanotechnologies to develop microchips that allow precise control of mechanical, electrical and biochemical parameters in the micro- or nanometer scale for apoptosis studies of single cells. Studying apoptosis on chip is a completely new approach which has practically not been investigated until now. The goal of this proposal is to develop a chip based system that allows for:
? single cell analysis
? high-throughput analysis
? real-time studies
? non-invasive studies
? use of unlabelled cells
The development will be based on the needs raised by true, clinically relevant questions since we work in close collaboration with the Department of Clinical Chemistry. The project is divided into three different work packages:
1) develop a chip for early electrical detection of apoptosis
2) develop a rapid cell-sorter chip using non-invasive optical studies of the mitochondrial apoptotic pathway
3) develop a chip for mechanical and optical real-time studies of apoptosis.
Projectleider Prof.dr. I.(Istvan) Vermes
Instituut Medlon BV Enschede
Trefwoorden apoptosis, microfluidics, real time analysis
Status Lopend
Periode 1-2004 - 1-2008
Partners Prof. Dr. H. Andersson, A. van den Berg, Research orientation Micro Total Analysis Systems, MESA+ Research Institute, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Twente.
Medewerkers F. Wolbers, PhD student, J. Emmelkamp, PhD student, A. Valero, Phd Student,
Financiering 2e Geldstroom - ZON, NWO

STW Technologiestichting