Nederlandse Vereniging voor Klinische Chemie en Laboratoriumgeneeskunde
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Laboratoriumonderzoek speelt bij 70% van de diagnoses een sleutelrol

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Mission statement

Founded in 1947, the Netherlands Society for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (NVKC) shows a long and solid tradition of scientific and professional development. At the same time the organisation is constantly renewing itself in focus, research and education.

Today the NVKC has a membership of 450 academic professionals; among them the number of officially registered specialists amounts 290, and another 70 young post-docs are under a four years' training in specially authorised hospital laboratories and autonomous medical laboratories. Both trainees and trainers are under regular peer supervision.

Next to the scientific and technical development of clinical chemistry as a medical discipline, the dimension of quality management has been integrated in the profession. And recently three additional specialisations were introduced to broaden the curriculum: haematology, endocrinology and inherited metabolic disorders.

All aspects of the discipline of laboratory medicine, whether scientific, educational, professional or organisational, are being managed and developed by more than 30 different committees and working groups, all consisting of NVKC members. These are guided and inspired by the executive board of governors and facilitated by a small but professional bureau located in the city of Utrecht.

This infrastructure also has a geographical component, both on the regional and on the international level. All over the country 11 regional networks are active, NVKC has representatives in a substantial number of expert committees and working groups in national and international organisations.